My Story

My passion for glass started when I was 12, on a summer trip to Disney World with my father. To escape the heat, while we were at the park, we decided to wander through the shops on Main Street. One of the stores ended up being a glass studio where artists were doing demonstrations. My dad told me to go check out the current demonstration - which was an artist making a Mickey Mouse bowl with feet attached. I was hooked as soon as I saw the demonstration! I couldn't take my eyes off the glass and decided that I wanted to try it! Unfortunately, I wouldn't get my chance until 6 years later, but I never forgot about that first glass artist and demonstration.

Fast forward the 6 years, to when I was stationed in San Diego with the United Stated Navy. I decided to seek out someone to teach me glassblowing. San Diego has such a large art community and I was able to find a wonderful teacher to give me private lessons. I began taking lessons once a week, and glassblowing turned out to be just as exciting and fun as I expected! Throughout my enlistment, I took lessons in between deployments from various teachers. I wanted to learn different techniques and make sure I was learning as much as I could. I began making cups, bowls, and vases and realized I really enjoyed experimenting with mixing colors.

After I left the Navy, I enrolled in the glass program at Kent State University. There, I got to expand my practice and learn more about glass than ever before. I knew I wanted to find my own style and pursue glass work further. 

Since graduating from KSU, I have continued to hone and expand my craft. Glass is a passion of LOVE and FIRE for me! I always want to try bigger and better creations. I hope you will join me on my journey!

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